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11.90% Reduced APR

11.90% Reduced APR

Make your first monthly investment (as little as 2% of the outstanding balance) 30 days after your new system is installed.

Billing each month, beginning 30 days from the installation of your new system. Your choices are:

  • Complete your total investment in full at the end of each billing cycle and incur no interest.
  • You can make monthly investments for as much or as little as you want, as long as you meet the minimum 2% of the total outstanding balance. Unpaid balances incur interest at an annual rate of 11.90%.

Example of 11.90% Reduced APR:

Initial investment x Monthly interest = Total outstanding balance x Minimum payment = Min. monthly investment

$6,000.00 x (1.01%) = $6.060.00 x (.02%) = $121.20

NOTE: Examples are for estimation and demonstration only. Terms are subject to change and should be verified when applying for financing.

Bottom-Line Benefits of a Reduced APR

The chart below is based on typical Furnace & Air Conditioning revolving finance plans where the payment is based on 2% of the original balance.

Use this chart for estimating purposes to see how critical the interest rates can affect your actual cost of the job.

Length of loan in months



































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